Saturday, October 9, 2010

10.10.10 Miami - Blue Carbon Work Day

9 Oct. 2010 -- Today was a Miami 10.10.10 work day as part of this weekend’s positive message to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. Blue Climate Solutions joined the Urban Paradise Guild, Branches Florida City, 1Sky, Konbit Haiti, Surfrider, Sierra Club, Greenpeace and many others in a coastal habitat planting project at Oleta River State Park.

Invasive species including Burma reed and Australian pine were removed in anticipation of coastal hammock re-creation and to protect the Park’s nursery area from invasive contamination. Restoration at Oleta Park includes extensive mangrove planting.

Mangrove forests are important “blue carbon” ecosystems. When healthy, they store atmospheric carbon and counter greenhouse gas pollution. Mangrove conservation and restoration projects can help mitigate climate change.

Getting dirty under the sun in Miami was hard work and well worth it to help restore our coast’s natural carbon function and send a positive message of climate action.

Project leader, Sam Van Leer, Executive Director of Urban Paradise Guild, has been involved with park restoration projects for over 2 years.

Oleta River State Park is Florida's largest urban State Park, and its 1,043 acres includes extensive mangrove forest habitat.

-Steven Lutz, Blue Climate Solutions

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