Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blue Carbon Webinar

Blue Carbon - Another Reason to Love Coastal Habitats

Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 12:00-1:00 PM US EST

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For remote access via webinar, please fill out the registration form a few minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin. The Meeting Number is 742656968; the Passcode is brownbag. For audio in the US and Canada, dial 866-833-7307. The participant passcode is 8986360.

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Emily Pidgeon, Conservation International and Linwood Pendleton, NOAA and Duke University

Did you know that coastal habitats such as mangroves, salt marshes, and sea grasses store significant amounts of carbon and have great potential for greenhouse gas mitigation? Dazzle your colleagues and friends with your newfound knowledge of international and U.S. efforts to better understand and protect the use of these coastal habitats for carbon storage and sequestration.

You’ll learn the answers to questions including:
  • What do we know about how coastal habitats affect global carbon fluxes?
  • How can “blue carbon” help protect coastal habitats?
  • What are some of the hot national and international opportunities related to “blue carbon”?
  • What is NOAA’s role with respect to “blue carbon”? How might blue carbon play a role in your office?

Brief notes from webinar:
  • NOAA is excited about Blue Carbon, both on the domestic and international front.
  • There is a dire need for Blue Carbon pilot projects, especially where financial transactions take place. 
  • There is also interest in bundling Blue Carbon with Payments for other Ecosystem Services (PES), but much work needs to be done