Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update 2: Blue Carbon & SBSTA 34 (Bonn, Germany)

Frederica Bietta, Papua New Guinea (right) intervenes on their proposed agenda item blue carbon

Further discussions on blue carbon at SBSTA 34, Bonn Germany. From the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) report for Thursday, June 16, at SBSTA 34:

On the SBSTA side, the issue of blue carbon played out on center stage. While the majority of parties supported considering related issues under existing SBSTA agenda items, Bolivia and Venezuela opposed this, voicing concerns that market mechanisms will not offer the nature adequate protection. Some observers also shared concern over turning “blue carbon into another REDD+.” One delegate characterized blue carbon as an example of why interlinkages between the Rio Conventions should be reinforced.

Delegates waiting for the SBSTA plenary to resume after 10 pm were entertained by chanting interpreters claiming that “there is no body like the SBSTA, the body of substance.” Some also composed cheerleading refrains on blue carbon. “Give me a B....give me an L…,” they shouted in jest. On the SBI side, one insider tried to reassure tired observers waiting for the outcome of late-night informal consultations: “Give us time, we are trying to do good things here.”


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