Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Carbon Special Issue

The Blue Carbon Special Edition: Ocean and Coastal Management

Gabriel Grimsditch, Jaqueline Alder, Takehiro Nakamura (from UNEP Nairobi), Jerker Tamelander (UNEP Thailand) and Richard Kenchington (University of Wollongong) recently released "The Blue Carbon Special Edition" of Ocean and Coastal Management.

Seagrass meadow, Florida (S. Lutz)

Highlights include:
  • Special edition on carbon stored and sequestered in coastal ecosystems. 
  • Carbon market options and payment for ecosystem services schemes are analyzed.
  • Carbon storage and sequestration science in seagrass ecosystems is synthesized. 
  • Monitoring techniques for sustainability and coverage of ecosystems are analyzed.

The blue carbon special edition - introduction and overview by Grimsditch, G, Kenchington, R, Alder, J, Tamelander, J, and Nakamura, T.

Including blue carbon in climate market mechanisms by Ullman, R, Bilbao-Bastida, V and Grimsditch, G.

Conceptualizing payments for ecosystem services in blue forests on carbon and other marine and coastal ecosystem services by Lau, W.

Assessing the capacity of seagrass meadows for carbon burial: current limitations and future strategies by Duarte, C, Kennedy, H, Marba, N, and Hendriks, I.

What do we need to assess the sustainability of the tidal salt marsh carbon sink? by Chmura, G.

Mapping of mangrove forest land cover change along the Kenya coastline using Landsat imagery by Kirui, B, Kairo, J, Bosire, J, Viergever, K, Syama, R and Huxham, M.

Issue available at ScienceDirect: 

- Posted by Sven Stadtmann, GRID-Arendal